Valentra Sex Cream

Valentra – Female Sexual Enhancement Cream

Valentra is the most talked about sex cream on the market today. It is a gentle, non-prescription cream that uses 100% natural ingrediants to increase and enhnace female sexual sensitivity, as well as sexual desire.
It contains no hormones and produces no side-effects. Yet it is extremely fast acting and effective. You should start to feel the effects within seconds of rubbing the cream on to your clitoris!

Some of the natural ingredients that make up Valentra’s unique libido enhancing and sensitivity increasing sex cream forumla are : L Arginine, Aloe Vera, Peppermint Extract, Vitamin complex, Wild Yam, Ginseng, and Gingko Bilbao.

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Maximum Penis Enlargement Cream

maximum-creamMaximum Penis Cream ($24)

Maximum penis enlargement cream for men that will stimulate blood flow to your vital sex organ and inflate your cock to new heights of hard erectness!  Give this cream a try and see how your lover likes your new hard dick!

China Shrink Cream

china shrink creamChina Shrink Cream ($9)

Become a teenage virgin again for your lover with this China Shrink Sex Cream that is intended to actually tighten the vaginal walls.

Especially suitable for women with loose vagina muscles due to multiple childbirth, frigidity, or too much of a good thing!

Try the China Shrink Cream for under $10 and see if you will become as tight as a teenage virgin!

Nipple and Clit Stimulating Sex Cream

nipple-clit-stimulating-gel-mintNipple & Clit Stimulating Sex Cream ($7)

This stimulating gel will tickle and sensitise the most erogenous parts of the female body.

Apply the sex cream to your nipple and clit and experience tingling sensations that are enhanced further during sex, either with a partner or in solo masturbation.

Mint flavour for perfect oral sex for you and your partner.



Oral Sex Cream

OraliciousOralicious Peaches and Cream Flavour ($6)

Delightful and erotic tasting peaches and cream flavoured oral sex cream.

Spread it on, then lick it off your partner – Oralicious is the ultimate cream for couples, increasing enjoyment of oral sex for the both of you.

Also available in a special presentation pack.

Anal Sex Cream

anal eazeAnal Eaze Cream ($5)

Anal Eaze is a cherry flavoured anal desensitising cream. Simply lube your ass with the cream and you will be able to enjoy harder and rougher anal sex. Maybe you just have a particularly sensitive anus and you want to be able to enjoy anal sex without hurting. Whatever your desire, anal eaze is the number one anal sex cream on the market. Contains aloe vera and other ingredients designed to desensitise your anal passage.

Jo Women Premium Sex Cream

JO WOMEN PREMIUM 2.5 OZ – $ 17.99

From: Fascinations

Made for a woman and Silicone-based. All the benefits of the best-selling System JO Silicone (same ingredients but in different ratios) with just a softer and more consistent feel for the entire month. Like other JO products this is recommended by doctors and pharmacists and is manufactured under strict FDA guidelines. It is non-toxic non-allergenic does not block your pores and can be used as a skin conditioner or massage formula. Available in 2.5 and 4.5 bottles.

Pink Indulgence Sex Creme

Dip into this rich, luxurious formula and surrender. With a hint of sweet lavender, Indulgence Cream will take you on a journey of ecstasy. How you use this cream is up to you. Natural Coconut and Sweet Almond oil offer deep, long-lasting moisture, while Vitamin E and Aloe Vera soothe and heal. 6oz.